declutter, organize, styling

3 easy steps to change your life and home.



 Your home is a reflection of your personality.

Have you ever thought of the fact that your home might have an influence on your personal and professional life? Even if you don't notice it actively, the environment you surround yourself with can have an important effect on your mood and health. Therefore, a home that is filled with things that you don't need or worse, that you don't like, can weigh you down. 

Here is an example of a common situation: Your place has become a mess and your belongings can't be stored correctly anymore. It crosses your mind that you probably need to confront the clutter and go over everything properly, but then you avoid the thought of actually doing it, because you think that soon it will end up in complete chaos again anyways.

Mai Lifestyle helps you make that difficult first step in order to face and deal with the mess that needs to be sorted out, may it be your closet, kitchen, bathroom, bookshelf, or another area. Once we have accomplished together the first declutter phase, you will understand the importance of this step, because you will have experienced that change!

It is like a detox; you will feel lighter and learn to appreciate the things that you possess. You will want to keep your place organized and clutter-free. With this service you will start to become more conscious of superfluous things, perhaps you will think twice before buying another item, because you probably don’t really need it.


In the further steps, Mai Lifestyle shows you how to organize your things that will make it easier for you to keep everything in order and yet achieve a stylish interior.

I am convinced that the order I will bring into your life will also help you to make inner space and open yourself to new opportunities.

Read below the three steps in more detail.


This is the first and most important step in order to put your home and life in order. Let's face it, no one likes to deal with the mess that has accumulated over the years.

But once we confront the clutter together and you decide what you really want to keep, you will see all the superfluous things that you don't need and you will start to experience a huge relief.



Once everything is sorted out, I will reorganize your belongings in a way that will work best for you (by category, color, size, etc.).

The rearranged space will give you a better overview and allow you to have more time for yourself and relax.

Just like that, you will want to keep your space tidy and have no desire to fill it with clutter ever again.


Who doesn’t envy a nicely furnished home with perfectly organized closets. My passion for design combined with my sense of aesthetics will help you achieve all this in three easy steps.

Let your home be the place that reflects your personality and in which you can live in harmony with yourself.